Private sessions are a chance to have one-on-one training with a workout specifically designed to accommodate your needs and goals.  Liz Smith will customize a session that will focus on rebalancing and strengthening your body.  

Introductory Package | 3 Private Pilates Sessions | $225

1 Session | $85

5 Pack | $410

10 Pack | $800

In-home Private Pilates Session

1 Session | $150


Duet Pilates



Prefer to train with a friend?   It's a great way to stay accountable for your workouts and it's fun too!  Classes will never be routine and specific goals will always be taken into account.

Duet Session | $50 per person

In-home Duet Session | $100 per person


Pre- and




Pilates is an excellent way to stay toned, stretched and centered during your pregnancy.  It has been shown to reduce discomfort, assist in a smoother labor, and shorten postpartum recovery time.  

Doctor's approval required


Thai Yoga Massage



Thai Yoga Massage offers great healing through it's multifaceted use of acupressure, stretching, reflexology, joint mobilization and assisted yoga poses.  The result is a calm mind and re-energized body.

60 minute | $90

90 minute | $115